Series 315 Window

Slimline’s 315 Operable or Fixed window combines minimalist aesthetics and maximum day light opening with superior thermal and acoustic features.

Similar to the 275 Series the 315 distinguishes itself with a larger polyimide spacer allowing more glass options and better thermal and acoustic characteristics

The 315 window is available in standard exposed sash format or with an invisible sash. The invisible sash is concealed within the frame which allows the fixed units to be impossible to distinguish amongst operable units. In addition, hidden sash windows have available hidden operators, combined with the hidden hinges maintaining its modern approach.

Technical Data

Thermally Broken

Custom Finish Options

Energy Efficient U value from .14

SHGC per glazing selection, from insulated to impact glass

Exposed or concealed hinges available


Operation Possibilities

There are 3 options

  1. Fixed
  2. Pushout Casement
  3. Tilt and Turn


*OPTIONAL Series Hidden Sash

  1. Invisible Sash concealed from exterior
  2. Invisible hardware – hardware is concealed in the sash
  3. Visible exposed aluminum on exterior limited to 2.6”

*OPTIONAL Series Hidden Sash

Invisible Sash concealed from exterior, invisible hardware – hardware is concealed in the sash, visible exposed aluminum on exterior limited to 2.6”


Over 120 Finishes available with an infinite amount of possibilities

Anodized: 25 Micron – Up to 10 year warranty

Powder Coating: Up to 20 year finish warranty. Matte, Glossy, Textured, Satin, and Metallic Finishes available

Custom color: No minimum order required for custom coloring

Two Tone: Slimline Products are thermally broken as such any product can have a combination of finishes for Example: Anodized Platinum Exterior with Custom Color Powder Coated Interior

Wood Grain