Minimalism in architecture has been translated into “Less is More” and SlimLine USA is doing just that without compromising luxury and innovation. While the concept of Minimalism which was popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 19th Century, may have influenced modern design and the architecture of today, the lack of existing synergy between technology and architectural design remains.

Introducing the invisible opening by SlimLine USA – maximizing space while creating a seamless transition between interior and exterior.

Specializing in minimum aluminum framing, SlimLine USA was created to provide a barrier-free, maximum glass, wall-system. The high-performance sliding door system allows the utmost light to enter your space, along with silent openings, and complete un-obstructed transparency.

While modern windows and doors have been attempted by a few, they have always been met by limitations. SlimLine USA offers customizable window and door systems with your choice of finishing and maximum dimension for your residential or commercial project.